About us

About us

Better digital experiences through creative and innovative

Today, our roster includes not just frontend and backend developers but also automated QA specialists, UX/UI designers, Agile experts, DevOps engineers, and machine learning specialists—roles we’ve added over the years to provide true end-to-end solutions for any business that wants to win in the tech game. Along the way, we’ve built a community of people passionate about building software that works flawlessly, delights users, and delivers business results.

Our Story

Design by Imagination The Story of Barsa

We are Europe’s Python Powerhouse. From a single developer who decided to ditch Java and get results faster with Python in 2005, we have grown to a Python development company of over 600 professionals.

Our Value

Multi award winning digital marketing experts

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In any situation where we need to establish clear rules and expectations, we expect a win-win deal or no deal at all. We follow this value when negotiating contracts, starting new partnerships, or considering changes at the company.


The best collaboration happens when one team can work in one dedicated room on one project, fully focused. For this reason, we don’t have open space offices and we limit remote work.


We foster a feedback culture both within the organization and when working with our partners. Using Agile and Scrum, we implement feedback early and often. We also keep adding new offices, new roles, new services, new technologies, and new partnerships to the STX Next ros

Our Team

Our Amazing Profesionals Team


Thomas Hansel

CEO / Founder

Adrian Smith

Lead Digital Strategist

Hans Van Helsing

Paid Traffic Specialist

Nataila Jordan

Content Writer

Monika Brake

SEO Specialist

Andrew Rich

Market Analyist
why choose us ?

Our strategies must be linked with real business goals

We model our team structure after top companies and our own successful exit.

SEO expertise

Assembling a team that works together effectively takes time that you don’t have.

Faster results

Monthly subscription based on how many developers you need

Sustainable growth

We help tighten features based on the product’s business value

High Performance

with 4+ years experience, working exclusively on your product.